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These Web Pages is the history and facts about the Smalheiser family. The family has been traced back to Nathaniel Schmalhausen in Klasno, near Wieliczka, Poland and later Hungary. Schmalhausen as it was known in Europe eventually became in the USA as Smalheiser, with in some cases as Small. Additionally many other names aquired through marriage and/or changed in immigration including: Small, Javna, Dudley, Redel, Bodger, Steinmetz, Zimmerman, Newman, Rosenbaum, Solomon, Gervix and literally dozens more. Maybe you are a member of this fantastic family?

It is beleived that all descendants in the United States are related to Nathaniel;s children: Morris (or Moses), Raphael, Abraham and Reisel Schmalhausen. Read more about them in Family Details.

These pages are a work in progress. Currently We have several box loads of material which must be put into electronic form. Look for constant updates, probably for years to come. Among the box loads are many documents including contracts, leases, letters, ship manifests and photographs. At some time these may be made available to family members for viewing.

If you are a member of this family we welcome your comments and any additions you can contribute including information, pictures, stories  etc.For those family members who remember Eli Smalheiser's book (from 1972) or still have a copy of it, I will be putting the book online in electronic form in the near future. I would welcome all updates. Also if anyone would like to volunteer to type in information into straight document format (does not have to be web format) the assistance would be greatly appreciated. The fingers are hurting already.

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